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introducing: ekm vocal studio's new online program!


Hey singers! I’m Emily Kristen Morris, and welcome to The EKM Singing Series.

Are you ready to discover and develop your unique singing voice, conquer brand new styles and techniques while maintaining a foundation of healthy vocal technique, all from the comfort of your home, in your own time, from a true professional? I've got you covered!

In my new online program, The EKM Singing Series, I’m going to lead you through lessons on seven specific singing techniques and styles, and give you vocal warm ups and exercise routines that are proven to show results FAST.


Let's build the voice of your dreams! 

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purchase the complete EKM Singing Series:

The total value of these seven programs is $515, but when you purchase The Complete Series you get a 15% discount, bringing the total to an unbeatable $439!

or, purchase a bundle:

The total value of three programs is $225, but when you purchase a bundle you get a 12% discount, so it’s only $198! 

or, purchase individual programs:

So, what is the ekm singing series?

The EKM Singing Series is an online singing program created by voice teacher and pro singer Emily Kristen Morris! It's been three years in the making, and it's finally here!

Are you a singer with a burning passion to elevate your voice to its fullest potential? Are you ready to put in the work, and see long-lasting results? If you’re committed to building the voice of your dreams, you’ve come to the right place. The EKM Singing Series is your golden ticket to unlocking the full spectrum of your vocal prowess.

The EKM Singing Series consists of seven meticulously crafted programs, each addressing a unique facet of singing, which ensures a comprehensive approach to your vocal development. Tackle any genre, master any style. From the refined techniques of classical singing to the electrifying power of belting to the restorative exercises you’ll need when you’re sick or tired, this series ensures you're equipped for every vocal challenge.

The EKM Singing Series has seven programs: Belting, Mixing, Classical, Musical Theatre, Pop & Rock, Sick and Tired Voices, and a Quickie Warm Up.

Included in every program is also a deep dive into vocal technique. We’ll set you up with a clear understanding of vocal anatomy, vocal health, and tips for how to optimize your practice habits as a singer!

Not only will you get in-depth video lessons exploring seven techniques and styles, gaining an understanding that might take years of private voice lessons, but you'll also receive downloadable audio tracks with vocal warm ups and exercise routines you can use on the go! You can use these audio tracks as warm ups before rehearsals, auditions, performances, recording sessions, or voice lessons! 

It's like having a profressional voice teacher in your pocket at all times, ready to guide you through specific and effective routines that are proven to show results FAST.

What are you waiting for? Jump in!


"The best part about The EKM Singing Series is this: if you're like me... you don't really like warming up. I always find it to be such a pain in the butt, I never know what to do, I'm always just making things up... and is it effective? Not all the time. The great thing about The EKM Singing Series is you now have your own warm up ready to go. You just hit play!

And it works. It WORKS." 

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Cecilia Snow
alternate, & dance captain for the Broadway National Tour of Six

Screen Shot 2024-02-25 at 2.04.45 PM.png

"Trust me, this is something every professional is going to want in their performer toolbox. Emily has created a super accessible course that demystifies a lot of things about singing and vocal anatomy, and she's also giving you vocal exercises to help you with mixing, belting, musical theatre, pop and rock, and more!" 

Joey Contreras
Musical theatre
& pop songwriter

"I did the Belting series the other day, and holy cow... I was belting higher than I ever have, and I went into my show that night with so much more ease and connection throughout my whole voice. I am currently playing Nessa in the Wicked national tour, and these exercises are a part of my daily routine now!" 

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Tara Kostmayer
Nessa on the Broadway National Tour of Wicked

Screen Shot 2024-02-12 at 12.44.23 AM.png

Audra Miller
lead singer of viral cover band First To Eleven

"Every single course [in The EKM Singing Series] is absolutely incredible. My personal favorite one has to be the Sick and Tired Voices program, because going on tour it's been so helpful. My voice is, in fact, always tired, and [this program] has been such a nice relief. It makes it so much easier when I'm having a rough week... whether it be recording covers, rehearsing, or being on tour."


Getting better as a singer means doing two things: warming up your voice, yes, but also WORKING OUT your voice. So, you can absolutely use the downloadable EKM Singing Series audio tracks like vocal warm-ups. You can use these before rehearsals, auditions, performances, recording sessions, or voice lessons!  

...But there is So much more!


"What is the difference between a vocal warm up & a vocal workout?"

A warm up will get your voice moving and ready to work! But a vocal workout does much more. When you go to the gym, you don’t just warm up... You don’t ONLY stretch and walk on the treadmill. If you’re looking to build muscle and skill, you are also going to WORK OUT, after warming up. The same is true for your voice! These vocal workout routines will challenge you, build stamina, consistency, skill, style, and everything in between to get you singing at your best.

The EKM Singing Series

Warm up · Workout · Sing out!


Included in every EKM singing series:

VOCAL technique video

A Vocal Technique Overview video, where we do a deep dive into vocal technique and set you up with a clear understanding of vocal anatomy, vocal health, and tips for how to optimize your practice habits as a singer.


A Guided Lesson Video where Emily will teach you about the specific singing style or technique at hand, break down what skills are necessary, and then guide you through a topic-specific vocal exercise routine, just like she would in a private lesson.

downloadable audio track

A downloadable Audio Track of the vocal exercise routine, under 15 mins long, that you can use on your own! It’s like having a professional voice teacher in your pocket at all times!

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why should you trust
Us with your voice?

Emily Kristen Morris knows firsthand that these programs work, because she’s used these vocal exercises while playing one of the most iconic and challenging roles in Broadway history, Elphaba in WICKED, as well in many other roles in musicals, concerts, album recordings, and symphony vocalist gigs worldwide during her 15+ years of professional singing. The EKM Singing Series includes lessons, tips, tricks and guidance from a seasoned professional who is truly “doing the thing.” 

Through her voice teacher training at the Institute for Vocal Advancement, her musical theatre training at the University of Cincinnati; College-Conservatory of Music, her experience as a professional performer, and her insightful, nurturing and positive approach to learning, Emily is an ideal teacher for singers serious about improving their voice! You’re in great hands with Emily.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What level of singer is this for? These programs were designed for singers of all levels! For beginners, this will build a strong foundation and solidify the basics, while giving you options to take on more challenging techniques as you progress. For seasoned singers, you will be stretched to learn new techniques, dive into new styles, expand the way you think of “warming up,” improve your practice habits, and give you vocal warm ups/ exercise routines you can use before shows and auditions! 

Q: do I have to buy all of the programs? Nope! You can absolutely buy individual programs! That said, we highly recommend exploring the bundles, or better yet, the complete EKM Singing Series. Why? Firstly, you get a discount 🥰. Secondly, it's like a full vocal gym membership-- perfect for singers who are deeply committed to enhancing their vocal abilities from every perspective, mastering various styles, and cross-training for versatility! Getting all 7 programs means you will be improving your voice from all angles. 


Q: How long will I have access to this program? You’ll have lifetime access! Once you purchase, you’ll get access to everything forever. So, you can brush up on the videos and audio tracks anytime and anywhere.


Q: I’m tired of warming up to old voice lesson recordings. Will this give me new warm ups? Absolutely! You’ll receive downloadable audio tracks with vocal warm ups and exercise routines you can use on the go! You can use these audio tracks as warm ups before rehearsals, auditions, performances, recording sessions, or voice lessons! 


Q: Is any element of this course live, and with Emily? The videos and audio tracks are all with Emily, but they are pre-recorded! If you want more individual attention after going through these programs, we highly recommend you sign up for lessons with any of our voice teachers at EKM Vocal Studio! 


Q: How often should I practice? If you want to see long-lasting results, consistent practice is key. That doesn’t have to mean every day (although that would be great!)… that could mean three times a week. Truthfully, we believe that shorter practice sessions that are intentional and focused are way better than long practice sessions that drag on and are distracted and tiring. That’s why these vocal workouts are only 10-15 minutes long!

purchase here:

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