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Do you ever feel like you’ve got two voices: your chest voice and your head voice… and they feel completely disconnected? It’s almost like you have two different singers living inside of you, and they really don't sound like one person? So many singers feel this way. They’ve got a strong chest voice, but as they ascend in pitch they reach a ceiling! And the only way through is to push and break, or flip into a disconnected head voice. If you can relate to any of this… it's time to develop your MIX! 


Introducing the EKM Singing Series: Mixing Edition! 


This program dives head-first into how you can find and develop a mix, and creates a strong foundation of vocal technique so you can effortlessly navigate your breaks, and find balance and connection through your entire range! 


So, what is a mix and why do I need it? Your mix is a blend of chest and head voice! Learning to mix means blending your low, middle, and high registers to find one, balanced voice. It’s like the best of both worlds: your mix has the depth and power of your chest voice, and also the ease and brilliance of your head voice. Mixing is an essential tool needed in every singer's toolbox!


But how do you make that magical blend happen? With this program, that’s how! Once you’ve unlocked a mix voice, you’ll have a gradual (not abrupt!) transition from low to high, you’ll find an even and steady tone, you’ll have greater stamina, more consistent vibrato, all dynamics will be available to you in all ranges, and in general you’ll have a much more reliable sound!


Your purchase includes:


  • a Vocal Technique Overview video

  • a Mixing Guided Lesson video

  • a Mixing Downloadable Audio Track


What about mix-belting? Oh yes, that incredibly important technique that will give you access to strong, healthy, jaw dropping, powerful high notes! Yes, you CAN belt in a mix, and let us be the first to tell you that mix-belting is the key to sustainable, consistent, healthy belting. We’ll do plenty of it in this program. 


We at EKM Vocal Studio believe that mixing is the absolute key to a balanced and connected voice. This program will help you unlock songs, genres and parts of your voice you had previously written off. So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step to your most consistent, healthy and effortless singing today! 


Interested in developing other styles like musical theater, pop & rock, or belting? Check out our bundles - multiple products for a discounted price! 

The EKM Singing Series - Mixing Edition

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