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What’s the best way to feel ready and confident before an audition, rehearsal, performance, recording session, or voice lesson? Warming up with a professional voice teacher minutes before, of course! 


Introducing the EKM Singing Series: Quickie Warm Up Edition!


This quickie warm up is like having a voice teacher in your pocket, there to get you ready to sing FAST! Use this program to warm up on the go, in the car, in a practice room, wherever you find yourself needing a vocal refresh. This program will guide you through exercises guaranteed to warm up your voice fast, effectively and fully… in under 7 minutes!


Your purchase includes:

  • a Vocal Technique Overview video

  • a Quick Warm Up Guided Lesson video

  • a Quick Warm Up Downloadable Audio Track


This program will ease you in with a semi-occluded lip trill to stretch and warm up your voice. From there, we’ll do strength-based exercises to access chest voice, mix, and head voice. Lastly, we’ll challenge you with sustains. Fully warming up every part of your voice is key, and this will set you up for success with whatever singing you’ve got ahead of you. 


This series is the perfect thing for singers who are constantly on the go, and need a quick and also effective way to warm up their voice. Let’s get you feeling vocally balanced, stable, flexible, and powerful!


Interested in programs that are style-specific? Check out our bundles - multiple products (like mixing, belting, pop & rock, and more!) for a discounted price! 

The EKM Singing Series - Quickie Warm Up

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