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Are you a singer with a burning passion to elevate your voice to its fullest potential? Are you ready to put in the work, and see long-lasting results? If you’re committed to building the voice of your dreams, you’ve come to the right place. The EKM Singing Series: The Complete Series is your golden ticket to unlocking the full spectrum of your vocal prowess.


Each of these seven meticulously crafted programs addresses a unique facet of singing, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your vocal development. Why settle for one when you can have it all? Tackle any genre, master any style. From the refined techniques of classical singing to the electrifying power of belting to the restorative exercises you’ll need when you’re sick or tired, this series ensures you're equipped for every vocal challenge.


Your purchase includes:

  • a Vocal Technique Overview video, where we do a deep dive into vocal technique and set you up with a clear understanding of vocal anatomy, vocal health, and tips for how to optimize your practice habits as a singer.

  • 7 Guided Lesson videos on the following topics: Mixing, Belting, Musical Theatre, Pop & Rock, Classical, Singing for Sick and Tired Voices, and a Quickie warm up.

  • 7 downloadable Audio Tracks for each program, with the vocal routines played out for you to sing along with anywhere, on the go!


Not only will you get in-depth video lessons exploring seven techniques and styles, gaining an understanding that might take years of private voice lessons, but you’ll also receive downloadable audio tracks with vocal warmups and exercise routines you can use on the go! You can use these audio tracks as warm ups before rehearsals, auditions, performances, recording sessions, or voice lessons! 


Individually, these programs are valued at $515. However, purchase The Complete Series and enjoy a 15% discount, bringing the total to an unbeatable $439. That's not just a discount; it's an investment in your future success!

The EKM Singing Series - The Complete Series

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