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Hear what some of our amazing EKM Vocal Studio students have to say about their time with us in private lessons & masterclasses!


“The teachers at EKM Studio have played such a pivotal part in me learning to reclaim and love my voice again. With their guidance, I’ve been able to overcome so many of my vocal insecurities and limitations. They've helped me gain vocal connection and control, and a clearer understanding of my own voice. Their safe, supportive, fun and collaborative teaching style has allowed me to gain confidence in my abilities and enjoy the journey of continuously trying to improve. I’m so grateful for EKM Studio!”


Angelli Mallen
Pop singer
Los Angeles, CA


Trista Moldovan
Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

"Mixing has always been my achilles heel, but after a few lessons with Emily, I feel like my mix has gone from a studio apartment to a roomy two bedroom! I have studied with many teachers over the years, but none have taught mixed voice as well as Emily. Her fun way of illuminating concepts has made me confident to work on material I had formerly written off. Plus, she's helped me nail Broadway auditions! If you're looking to expand your vocal horizons, book a lesson today!"

"Working with Emily has been such a gift in enhancing my skills as a performer. She has helped me sing songs I didn't think I could sing, and hit notes I never thought I could hit. Emily has also taught me about bringing myself to every song I sing, which has helped me nail countless auditions! I am forever grateful for her!"

unnamed (2).jpg

Matthew Feinstein
high school student
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 


Kellie Jean Hoagland
dancer & singer
Mean Girls on Broadway

“I want everyone to experience one of Emily's masterclasses! I took my first class as an observer and gained new tools, tips and tricks that I was able to apply to my voice on my own. Then I came back another time as a singer! I was extremely nervous but was met with an abundance of support and encouragement. Emily has a beautiful way of communicating and bringing out the best in each individual's voice. Don’t hold yourself back from this incredible experience... Sign up now!”

praise for Dan

“Dan is great at catering to whatever needs I have on whatever given day we meet. He understands the voice is a muscle, and therefore helps me condition it on my good and bad days. I had vocal nodes removed a few years ago, and Dan was a great choice to help me find my new, healthier voice. From classical to musical theatre and riffing, the guy knows his stuff!”

Christine Shepard
performer in head over heels on Broadway

praise for jenn

"I started working with Jenn because I was ready to finally master my mix belt. I was in final callbacks for SIX after years of going in, and wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could to put my best foot forward. Jenn gave me the tools to tap into a healthy mix belt through working on that material (especially K Howard), and I went into the room confidence and equipped for success. And I booked the job! I'm currently on tour with SIX as an Alternate, feeling stronger than ever! Thank you, Jenn! I couldn't have done it without you." 

Taylor Pearlstein
performer in six, the broadway national tour

praise for Q lim

"I have taken lessons from a number of voice teachers, some of who are famous and expensive with waiting lists of several months, but I think Q is the best of them all. I had a problem with my high notes and my voice didn't have enough stamina to last, but after taking lessons with Q, I have improved so much. I wish I had found her earlier, because I have changed so dramatically in just three months!"

Kazue Kiyono
singer in NYC

praise for Karl

"I wish I had found Karl years ago! I've been searching for the right vocal coach for a long time, and immediately felt like Karl checked all the boxes. In just a few lessons, I was singing notes I never thought I could sing. He creates a comfortable, zero-judgement environment that gives me the freedom to grow. His knowledge of the voice, combined with his enthusiastic personality makes for an incredible experience that I would recommend to anyone looking to improve their singing!"

Haley Gold
lead singer of indie-pop group '76th street'

praise for emily Fink

"Working with Emily is a dream come true! For years I've been through different voice teachers, struggling to understand the mechanics of belting/ mix-belting without throwing out my voice. Everything clicked instantly in my first lesson with her. It is the perfect collaborative environment. My needs are acknowledged and cared for while she pushes and challenges me to my full potential. She gives you the tools to be confident with your best authentic voice!"

Katelyn K
singer in NYC

praise for katie

Katie possesses immense nuance, joy and care for the soul of the actor. Working with her is a grounding and affirming experience. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about sharing her ideas in a way that makes sense for each individual actor. The notes she give are always repeatable in an audition setting. I’m always grateful and excited to work with Katie!”

Brittany Zeinstra


and more...

PRAISE for the singing series

"Trust me, this is something every professional is going to want in their performer toolbox. Emily has created a super accessible course that demystifies a lot of things about singing and vocal anatomy, and she's also giving you vocal exercises to help you with mixing, belting, musical theatre, pop and rock, and more!"


Joey Contreras
musical theatre and pop songwriter

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