Hear what some of our amazing EKM Vocal Studio students have to say about their time with us in private lessons, masterclasses & our teachers!


praise for Emily

“The teachers at EKM Studio have played such a pivotal part in me learning to reclaim and love my voice again. With their guidance, I’ve been able to overcome so many of my vocal insecurities and limitations. They've helped me gain vocal connection and control, and a clearer understanding of my own voice. Their safe, supportive, fun and collaborative teaching style has allowed me to gain confidence in my abilities and enjoy the journey of continuously trying to improve. I’m so grateful for EKM Studio!”


Angelli Mallen
Pop singer
Los Angeles, CA


Trista Moldovan
Christine in Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

"Mixing has always been my achilles heel, but after a few lessons with Emily, I feel like my mix has gone from a studio apartment to a roomy two bedroom! I have studied with many teachers over the years, but none have taught mixed voice as well as Emily. Her fun way of illuminating concepts has made me confident to work on material I had formerly written off. If you're looking to expand your vocal horizons, book a lesson today!"

"Working with Emily has been such a gift in enhancing my skills as a performer. She has helped me sing songs I didn't think I could sing, and hit notes I never thought I could hit. Emily has also taught me about bringing myself to every song I sing, which has helped me nail countless auditions! I am forever grateful for her!"

unnamed (2).jpg

Matthew Feinstein
high school student
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 


Kellie Jean Hoagland
dancer & singer
Mean Girls on Broadway

“I want everyone to experience one of Emily's masterclasses! I took my first class as an observer and gained new tools, tips and tricks that I was able to apply to my voice on my own. Then I came back another time as a singer! I was extremely nervous but was met with an abundance of support and encouragement. Emily has a beautiful way of communicating and bringing out the best in each individual's voice. Don’t hold yourself back from this incredible experience... Sign up now!”

praise for Dan

“I have been working with Dan for a couple of months now and I have so much more confidence in my singing. Dan has such a great way of breaking down the music, making it easy for anyone without knowledge of music to understand and progress. He even made time for me when I received a last minute audition. Not only did I learn the music with his help, I was so confident at the audition and sounded great! I highly recommend Dan Faber for vocal teaching and coaching.”

Ali Sattar
singer in NYC, NY

praise for sarah

"Sarah is awesome! I started working with her as a novice singer and have already seen so much improvement in my pitch accuracy and vocal range after just a few lessons. Sarah is so much fun to work with and does such a great job of making each lesson an experience that is both educational and enjoyable at the same time. Sarah has helped me become more competent and confident in my singing abilities and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to do the same." 

Zach Pincince
singer in los angeles, ca

praise for jenn

"Even from the very first lesson, Jennifer has been such a huge support. I’ve been singing my entire life and always wanted to take consistent voice lessons, but I never knew where to start and was worried I wouldn’t see any results. Jennifer put all of those worries to rest! She makes me feel confident and proud of my voice, and I leave each lesson feeling like I’ve unlocked something new in my range. My low notes are more grounded, my high notes are stronger, and my mix is SO much smoother. I believe everyone would benefit from Jennifer’s uplifting spirit and teaching style!"

Sarah Cocroft
singer in Boston, MA

praise for katie

“Working with Katie has truly been a game changer. She meets you where you are while making it easy to understand, get personal, and dive into material. I always leave our sessions feeling motivated, and have clear steps to process then perform my material with confidence.

Sierra Pilkington
singer-actor in NYC

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what they're saying about our masterclasses

“I've always admired how Emily makes the elusive concept of mixing so simple through her clips on Tiktok and Instagram! However, getting to see her work in real time during her masterclasses has been so valuable, both as an observer and as a singer. She was able to give quick and effective tips that helped me comfortably mix a song that scares me! I can also confidently say that she's each participant's cheerleader, creating a safe, supportive environment that allows everyone to become better singers than they were minutes before."

Marga Lopez-Rillo
musical theatre performer
the philippines

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