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So, you want to sing like Beyonce, but every time you belt out Love On Top it sounds like you’ve had one too many years of musical theater or classical training? Or you want to sing like Bruno Mars, but your riffs and high notes sound strained, shaky or inconsistent? If you just can’t seem to figure out how to get that rockstar-popstar sound, you’ve come to the right place. It's time to demystify pop and rock so you can feel free to explore styles and songs without the fear of sounding inconsistent, unhealthy or out of touch! Are you ready to rock?


Introducing the EKM Singing Series: Pop & Rock Edition! 


Your purchase includes:

  • a Vocal Technique Overview video

  • a Pop & Rock Guided Lesson video

  • a Pop & Rock Downloadable Audio Track


The exercises in this program were specifically chosen to warm you up, help you establish chest voice, mix, and head voice, and above all else, get you playing with style! We’ll go through all the vocal choices you can make to sound authentic to these genres, of course all while maintaining healthy vocal technique. In this program you will learn how to do:

  • Riffs

  • Slides and scoops

  • Growls

  • Breathiness 

  • Pop cries and flips

  • Straight tone

  • And more!


Does any of this sound like a foreign language to you right now? No need to fear. In this program we will go in depth on every one of these stylistic choices and how you can achieve them on your own. Contemporary commercial singing styles may be out of your comfort zone, but it’s time to bring out a bit of edge, grit, and pop/rock power to your vocals. These are skills that can be LEARNED, and Emily is going to get you there!


In today's music landscape, pop and rock music is more prevalent and in-demand than ever. We hear it every single day on the radio, TikTok, Broadway stages and during every ad or commercial break. Having a strong handle of how to sing pop and rock music can elevate your career to new heights and bring a shiny, new tool to your singer toolbox. Let’s get started!


Interested in developing other styles like musical theater, belting, or classical singing? Check out our bundles - multiple products for a discounted price! 

The EKM Singing Series - Pop & Rock Edition

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