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Do you wish you had the ability to nail lots of completely different vocal styles, authentically and with consistency? This is the bundle for you. Let’s lean into STYLE, baby!


Your purchase includes:

  • a Vocal Technique Overview video

  • 3 Guided Lesson videos on the following topics: Musical Theatre, Pop & Rock and Classical singing

  • 3 downloadable Audio Tracks for each program, with the vocal routine played out for you to sing along with anywhere, on the go!


Musical Theatre: Whether you’re a professional musical theater performer on Broadway, an auditioning performer waiting to catch your big break, or you’re a shower singer with dreams of getting onstage someday, The EKM Singing Series: Musical Theatre Edition is here to help! In this series we will explore and strengthen your chest voice and head voice, play with mixing and belting technique (a must for musical theater), riffing technique (for those contemporary musicals), and classical technique (for golden age musical theater). This product is a one stop shop for mastering all things MT! 


Classical: Let’s get you singing classically in a way that is sustainable, balanced and beautiful. These exercises will warm you up through your entire range, focusing on finding an even blend throughout. Then, we’ll do strength-based exercises that focus on your sustains, your ability to play with dynamics, your vibrato, and singing through legato phrasing (long, flowing, connected lines of melody). We’ll also work on breath control and breath management— a skill every singer needs to hone. We’ll find a smooth and connected singing tone that is open, clear, resonant, and effortless, so you can be ready to sing in a golden age musical, an opera, or in a choir!


Pop & Rock:  It's time to demystify pop and rock so you can feel free to explore styles and songs without the fear of sounding inconsistent, unhealthy or out of touch! We’ll go through all the vocal choices you can make to sound authentic to these genres, of course all while maintaining healthy vocal technique. In this program you will learn how to do:

  • Riffs

  • Slides and scoops

  • Growls

  • Breathiness 

  • Pop cries and flips

  • Straight tone

  • And more!

Contemporary commercial singing styles may be out of your comfort zone, but it’s time to bring out a bit of edge, grit, and pop/rock power to your vocals. These are skills that can be LEARNED, and Emily is going to get you there!


The total value of these three programs is $225, but when you purchase this bundle you get a 12% discount, so it’s only $198! What are you waiting for?


The EKM Singing Series - Styles Series

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