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Want to build a strong foundation you can rely on as a singer? This bundle is a great place to start!


Your purchase includes:

  • a Vocal Technique Overview video

  • 3 Guided Lesson videos on the following topics: Mixing, Belting and Singing for Sick and Tired Voices

  • 3 downloadable Audio Tracks for each program, with the vocal routine played out for you to sing along with anywhere, on the go!


Sick and Tired Voices: We’ve created this program to help you get your voice moving when you’re not feeling 100%. Because, let’s be realistic. Sometimes we have to sing when we aren’t feeling our best. If you’re dealing with allergies, vocal fatigue, acid reflux, or you're on the tail end of a cold, and you can’t cancel whatever singing is in front of you, let’s set you up for success the best we can. There are no “quick fixes” for a fatigued or inflamed voice. However, when you’re feeling sick or tired… THAT is when vocal technique needs to really kick in. In this program, Emily will guide you through gentle, restorative exercises to get you where you need to be in a safe, sustainable way. 


Mixing: Do you ever feel like you’ve got two voices: your chest voice and your head voice… and they feel completely disconnected? It’s almost like you have two different singers living inside of you, and they really don't sound like one person? If this is you... It's time to develop a MIX, aka a blend of chest and head voice. Learning to mix means blending your low, middle, and high registers to find one, balanced voice. Once you’ve developed a mix, you’ll have a gradual (not abrupt!) transition from low to high, and a much more reliable sound! This program will help you unlock songs, genres and parts of your voice you had previously written off. So, what are you waiting for? 


Belting: So you want to learn how to belt in a powerful, jaw-dropping, standing-ovation-earning way? But you also want to learn how to do it healthily, sustainably, and consistently? We’re here to help. In this program we will debunk common belting misconceptions and belting truths (hint… nope, belting is not a register, and nope, belting is not all-chest-voice-all-the-time) and give you exercises that are sure to strengthen your chest voice and mix, and help you lean into a belt style. Yes, we’re definitely going to focus on accessing a mix-belt as well, because learning to mix in a belt-style is an incredibly important technique that is the key to sustainable, consistent, healthy belting. Let’s do this!


The total value of these three programs is $225, but when you purchase this bundle you get 12% off, so it’s only $198!

The EKM Singing Series - Foundational Series

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