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Introducing the EKM Singing Series: Musical Theatre Edition! 


Whether you’re a professional musical theater performer on Broadway, an auditioning performer waiting to catch your big break, doing regional, educational, or community theater, or you’re a shower singer with dreams of getting onstage someday, The EKM Singing Series: Musical Theatre Edition is here to help! This series will guide you towards building a singing voice that is balanced, connected, sustainable, consistent, and versatile. 


In this program, the goal is to warm you up and then exercise and strengthen your voice so you can sing any musical theater style of singing! Musical theater spans a large range of styles: classical, pop, rock, jazz, rap… everything. That’s why it’s so necessary as a musical theater singer to be versatile and well rounded. It’s all about vocal cross-training, and that’s exactly what these exercises will help you do! 


Your purchase includes:

  • a Vocal Technique Overview video

  • a Musical Theatre Guided Lesson video

  • a Musical Theatre Downloadable Audio Track


We will explore and strengthen your chest voice and head voice, play with mixing and belting technique (a must for musical theater), riffing technique (for those contemporary musicals), and classical technique (for golden age musical theater). This product is a one stop shop for mastering all things MT!


With The EKM Singing Series: Musical Theatre Edition, work to wow casting directors and shine in the Musical Theatre industry! You’ll improve your singing skills at your own pace and take your Musical Theatre performance chops to the next level!


Want more? Bundle this with the Mixing and Belting EKM Singing Series, or the Pop/Rock and Classical Series to go more in-depth on those topics and expand your Musical Theater range!

The EKM Singing Series - Musical Theater

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