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Hey singer! We’re sorry you’re feeling under the weather. :( 


We’ve created this program to help you get your voice moving when you’re not feeling at your best vocally. Because, let’s be realistic. Sometimes we have to sing when we aren’t feeling 100%. Maybe you’re on the tail end of a cold and dealing with residual vocal issues from that. Maybe you’re experiencing allergies or acid reflux and it’s making your voice feel scratchy and unstable. Maybe you went out to a game yesterday and your voice is fatigued from all the cheering. Life happens! And these are the moments this program is designed for.


As much as we would love to tell you to stop singing, go home, and get on vocal rest, sometimes you don’t have a choice. If you can do that, great! But maybe you don’t have an understudy, or it’s an audition you can’t miss, or you’ve paid for time recording in-studio and it HAS to be today. If you can’t cancel whatever singing is in front of you, let’s set you up for success the best we can.


Introducing the EKM Singing Series: Sick and Tired Voices Edition!


Your purchase includes:

  • a Vocal Technique Overview video

  • a Sick & Tired Voices Guided Lesson video

  • a Sick & Tired Voices Downloadable Audio Track


There are no “quick fixes” for a fatigued or inflamed voice. However, when you’re feeling sick or tired… THAT is when vocal technique needs to really kick in. In this program, Emily will guide you through gentle, restorative exercises to get you where you need to be in a safe, sustainable way. We’ll teach you how to use smart choices to get your voice moving, even when you’re not feeling your best. 


Purchase the EKM Singing Series: Sick and Tired Voices Edition now; your future-self will thank you. 


*Disclaimer: this program was designed for sick and tired voices, but not LOST voices. If your voice is lost, if you’re experiencing prolonged pain while singing, or if you have laryngitis, we highly recommend you cancel any singing you have in front of you, and consider reaching out to a doctor for further assistance. 


Want more? Bundle this with the Mixing and Belting EKM Singing Series to tackle multiple singing topics for a discounted rate!

The EKM Singing Series - Sick & Tired Voice Edition

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