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Learn about what makes our studio unique and how we will bring balance, authenticity and confidence to you & your voice!




Our mission at EKM Vocal Studio is to help singers discover their own unique, individual voice through a foundation of healthy vocal technique, so that they can sing with freedom and authenticity across all styles and genres of music.

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about us

Founded in 2019 by Emily Kristen Morris, EKM Vocal Studio provides vocal training to singers both locally in New York City, and all around the world. Since 2020, the studio has been operating completely online, however, that might change in the future… stay tuned!

We have five teachers at our studio: our founder Emily Kristen Morris, her associate voice teachers Dan Faber, Sarah Bishop, Jennifer Smith, and our resident acting coach, Katie O'Halloran!


Our students range from beginners to seasoned professionals. We have students on Broadway, writing their own music, producing albums, pursuing independent music careers, performing and gigging locally and around the world, and studying in top performing arts schools.


You may have heard that “those who can’t do it, teach it.” Not us! Our voice teachers at EKM Vocal Studio are seasoned NYC performers with impressive resumes. Our active experience in the theatre and music industry means we have connections that many teachers do not. We understand the demands of performing at a high level, and we’re prepared to help you achieve your biggest dreams!

We also firmly believe in the importance of continued education. Just like you, the student, is seeking knowledge and growth, so are we! Emily, Jennifer, Dan, and Sarah are certified through the Institute for Vocal Advancement, and are committed to their continued education as voice teachers. Each year they attend vocal conferences, workshops, and lessons with IVA Master Teachers and world-renowned voice specialists.


While our teachers have a background in musical theatre, we are equipped to teach many other genres—in fact, we love to! Bring your pop, rock, R&B, jazz, indie, or folk songs to your lesson and we will help you authentically sing the genre of your choice! 

At EKM Vocal Studio, we love the things that are unique and “different” about your voice. We will meet you where you’re at, and build from there-- no “breaking you down to build you back up.” We want to ensure that your voice is YOURS, while also giving you a foundation of healthy vocal technique. Once you have that, you’ll have the freedom to express yourself through song without the fear of strain, cracks, or breaks. 

**As of November 2021, Katie O'Halloran has become our resident acting coach! Many of our students are singer--actors, and Katie specializes in acting-through-song techniques, audition prep, monologue work, character development and more! Katie helps her students to enhance their storytelling skills and find specificity in their acting choices. 


So, sign up for a lesson or a masterclass today!


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