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Emily Kristen Morris Vocal Studio

Offering vocal training to passionate singers in New York City and around the world.











Let us help you maximize your
vocal potential!

At EKM Vocal Studio we are dedicated to helping singers discover their own unique, individual voice through a foundation of healthy vocal technique, so that they can sing with freedom and authenticity across all styles and genres of music. 

Take lessons, attend masterclasses, or purchase online singing programs from our teachers:

Emily Kristen Morris, Jennifer Smith, Dan Faber, Q Lim, Emily Fink, Karl Amundson, & Katie O'Halloran. 

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introducing: ekm vocal studio's new online singing program!

Want to learn on your own, with an online singing course? We've got just the thing :)

The EKM Singing Series, created by Emily Kristen Morris, consists of seven meticulously crafted programs, each addressing a unique facet of singing, which ensures a comprehensive approach to your vocal development. Tackle any genre, master any style. From the refined techniques of classical singing to the electrifying power of belting to the restorative exercises you’ll need when you’re sick or tired, this series ensures you're equipped for every vocal challenge.

The EKM Singing Series has seven programs: Belting, Mixing, Classical, Musical Theatre, Pop & Rock, Sick and Tired Voices, and a Quickie Warm Up. Included in every program is also a deep dive into vocal technique. We’ll set you up with a clear understanding of vocal anatomy, vocal health, and tips for how to optimize your practice habits as a singer!

Not only will you get in-depth video lessons exploring seven techniques and styles, gaining an understanding that might take years of private voice lessons, but you'll also receive downloadable audio tracks with vocal warm ups and exercise routines you can use on the go! You can use these audio tracks as warm ups before rehearsals, auditions, performances, recording sessions, or voice lessons! 

What are you waiting for? Jump in!


Click through some of Emily's TikTok videos to get a glimpse into what EKM Vocal Studio can do for your voice!

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See what our students are saying:

“The teachers of EKM Vocal Studio have played such a pivotal part in me learning to reclaim and love my voice again. With their guidance, I’ve been able to overcome so many of my vocal insecurities and limitations. They've helped me gain vocal connection and control, and a clearer understanding of my own voice. Their safe, supportive, fun and collaborative teaching style has allowed me to gain confidence in my abilities and enjoy the journey of continuously trying to improve. I’m so grateful for EKM Studio!”

Angelli Mallen
pop singer
Los Angeles, CA

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