Originally from San Francisco, Emily firmly believes that Broadway should be relocated to sunny California. 

Emily left the West Coast to study and graduate from the University of Cincinnati; College- Conservatory of Music (CCM) with a BFA in Musical Theatre. She is now based in New York City.


Emily has performed regionally and internationally. She recently closed out the National Tour of "Something Rotten," playing the role of Bea. Regionally she has performed at Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival, Gateway Playhouse, Weston Playhouse, Cape Playhouse, NYMF, and Summer Rep Theatre Festival, playing many favorite roles like Nellie Forbush in "South Pacific," and Sophie in "Mamma Mia." She has also performed with  the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra in China, singing the role of Sarah Brown from "Guys and Dolls," among others.  At CCM, Emily played the title role in "Lysistrata Jones,"  and Judy in "A Chorus Line," among others.

She is represented by Daniel Hoff Agency.


About Emily:   


Farmer's markets, handstands, San Francisco, voting, meditation, Wellness Formula, being a part of the resistance, river otters, Renoir, yoga, heated blankets,, purple, overweight cats.

Doesn't like: 



Bea- Something Rotten

"Among the principles, the strongest performance came from Emily Kristen Morris, with her big number "Right Hand Man," sung first humorously and later lovingly."

-Allen Neuner, Out In Jersey 

"Emily Kristen Morris plays Bea... I love her balance of feminism and individuality with her love and support of her husband. Morris's performance feels authentic, particularly in a scene when she describes what love is really like after several years of marriage. Morris has a natural toughness and sweetness that makes her instantly likable, and her voice is also flawless."

-Christy Hudson, Front Row Reviewers Utah

"Morris' powerful belts and cleverly delivered lines undoubtedly blew the crowd away."

-Emma Hellmer, The Daily Cardinal

Sophie- Mamma Mia

"Her sweetness and beauty are evident from the opening number, "I Have a Dream (Prologue). You are drawn to her wide-eyed expression and flowing golden hair. Morris delivered the lines beautifully and she is adorable in the role."

-Natasha Nashley, BroadwayWorld.com

Nellie- South Pacific

“A true standout and incandescent star… Morris is in fine voice, and has the acting and dancing chops to match.” 

-Suzanne Angeo, "For All Events", San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle

Lysistrata- Lysistrata Jones

"Emily Kristen Morris conveys both the passion and self-doubt of Lysistrata Jones, the transfer student who comes up with the abstinence idea. Ms. Morris is a very talented singer; she showcases some well-honed pop vocal runs and provides a great foundation as the lead for this production." 

-Scott Cain, Talkin' Broadway 

Judy- A Chorus Line

"The collegiate cast shows themselves to be true triple threat performers. All of the dancing is sharp and cohesive, executed with full energy. Standouts include... Emily Kristen Morris, a very funny Judy."

-Scott Cain, Talkin' Broadway

Gia- Carmelina

"Beautiful ingénue Emily Kristen Morris delights with a gorgeous voice and leaves audiences wanting more. Her one major solo only teases her full capabilities."

-Harmony Wheeler, BroadwayWorld.com

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