Welcome to Emily Kristen Morris Studio,

offering one-on-one vocal and acting training to passionate performers in New York City and around the world!

  • Learn to sing with balance, ease, power, and connection. Develop a personalized vocal exercise routine that addresses your needs, and watch your voice progress to new heights.

  • Prepare your auditions so

    that you can feel confident on the big day, knowing

    you've done the work. Overcome performance anxiety, and allow your talent and skill to shine through.

  • With a foundation of

    healthy technique, find a voice that is uniquely yours. Tackle any genre, build repertoire that's a perfect fit for you, and embrace what makes you YOU.

  • Dive into character work and acting techniques that leave you feeling

    honestly connected to your material in lasting ways, whether that be a monologue, song, or an entire role. 

If you're a student of the performing arts looking to get in-depth one-on-one training, you've come to the right place. I offer private vocal and acting lessons both in person in NYC and virtually via Skype/ Zoom/ FaceTime. 


While performing In the national tour of 'Something Rotten', I met fans and musical theater students from across the globe. People at the stage door would often approach me asking for advice: “What is your warm up like before the show?” “What are your audition tips and tricks?” "How do you keep up your vocal strength and health for 8 shows a week?'" This is how the coaching began-- I wanted to help beyond a quick reply.


However, what began as audition/career coaching has blossomed into much more. I am now a certified voice teacher with IVA (Institute for Vocal Advancement). In my studio I am dedicated to helping my students find their own unique voice and giving them a foundation of healthy vocal technique. I use acting techniques pulled from Stanislavski, Checkhov, Strasberg, Cohen, and more. I have always been a student of the world; I am exceedingly inquisitive and I'm driven by my love of learning. Through my training at the University of Cincinnati; College-Conservatory of Music, my time studying the IVA method, my personal experiences as an artist, and my insightful, nurturing and positive approach to learning, I am an ideal teacher for students of all levels. 

For new students: Depending on the the season, I may not have space to take on any more regular, weekly students. However, you're free to schedule a one-off lesson, and then I can refer you to some other fabulous teachers using the same techniques as me, if I don't have space in my schedule. Or, the best way to get in with me is by signing up for one of my monthly masterclasses! The masterclasses allow me to work with students I may not have time for in my weekly calendar.

Please note: I am committed to diversity in my studio. All are welcome here. 


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Masterclasses are the best way to get in with me, as my private studio is very full.

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"Every session we dive into something new and enriching. As a young performer, it's tricky to branch out and expand into new roles and genres. Emily always finds new ways to help me grow as an actress and singer through character development, audition prep, singing techniques,  monologue work, and so much more." -Lauren, 16, Texas

“As a dancer, I had very little confidence singing. Not anymore. Emily has helped me find a chest voice and belt that I didn’t know I had, stretch my range, and expand my repertoire. She has also really helped build my confidence, and offered support along the way!” -Emma, UK

“Emily has been a huge help and resource for me during the college audition process. She has guided me in developing and connecting to my pieces, and overall making sure I am as prepared as I can possibly be! I’m so thankful that we could get through this hectic process together, I don’t know where I’d be without her!” -Ferin, 19, Iowa

"Emily's method of working on a piece is very easy to grasp and really helps expand one’s perspective of a scene and/or character. She is a wonderful coach as well as immensely talented." -Roni, 14, California

“One of my many favorite things about lessons with Emily is that she allows me to branch out and work on a variety of different styles and techniques! She understands my vocal issues and helps me build on the weaker parts with so much care and patience! She’s also an amazing confidant, always positive and kind, and has given me lots of helpful college audition advice!” -Tom, 17, Texas

"Emily is such a joy to work with! She is very experienced, knowledgeable, and patient. She takes the time to understand my needs as a student and performer, and invests herself in the material I bring to her. Emily is an excellent coach, performer, and mentor." -Kathryn, Ohio